Scholarships are investments in employees

We encourage staff members at our locations across the country and at our national headquarters to pursue opportunities in higher education.

  • Staff Education Loan or Scholarship: Our locations in any state may provide loans or scholarships to employees for education purposes. Availability may vary by location. This applies to any higher education degree.
  • The Hoeger Scholarship and Loan Program: The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Foundation established this program in 2001 to provide support for employees pursuing an education in nursing at any undergraduate level, at any regionally or nationally accredited academic institution. In partnership with an employee’s location, this program may provide up to two-thirds the cost to earn a nursing degree for eligible employees.

Special opportunities in Minnesota

Good Samaritan Society locations in Minnesota offer scholarship opportunities and loan repayments for qualified employees. The Minnesota Scholarship Program provides funds for tuition and other expenses, as well as loan reimbursement for qualified programs.

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Ongoing learning opportunities

  • Continuing education: Resources and opportunities for obtaining and maintaining continuing education credits are available based on your clinical area of expertise.
  • Learning Center: Additional courses of interest for personal, professional and clinical disciplines are available within our learning management system.

Employees also have opportunities to pursue training on clinical and non-clinical tracks. These opportunities include:

  • Basic nursing assistant and advanced nursing assistant training
  • Internal management and leadership training programs
  • Assistance with advanced degrees in healthcare management

For details on these or other scholarship and learning opportunities that may be available, please contact us.